Friday, December 17, 2010

Answer to an online interview question

1.     Nearly all Fellows are hired to teach in 'high-need' schools that are located in low-income communities. Why do you want to teach specifically in a high-need school in Fort Worth? What challenges do you expect, and what experiences have prepared you for the challenges of teaching in a high-need school in our community?

I cannot specifically explain why I would like to teach in a high-need school located in low-income Fort Worth communities.   My only exposure to high-need school is through the news and from teachers I have met who have had the experience.  The news seems to report the negative of the schools, the children not getting educated, the lack of good books, crime, language problems, and discipline.  However; in my conversation with teachers, I also hear of the positive, the reward, the way it has made them better teachers, educators and individuals. 
I equate teaching to that of becoming a parent.  When expecting my first child, opinions of friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances deluged me with their perspective of the good, the bad and mostly the ugly of parenting.  Had this influenced me, I may not have had any children.  What inspired me was not what anyone told me, it was what I desired, what I had a passion to be, and this was to be a parent.  In addition, with my desire and passion, the good, the bad and the ugly is an expected part of the role.
I enter teaching with the same passion and desire, I want to be a teacher, have an impact on those I have the opportunity to touch.  It does not matter whether I am teaching in high-need schools or top notch schools, my desire is the same, to do the best I can with whatever tools I have available.

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