Friday, December 17, 2010

Answer to second question to an online interview question

2. The most important responsibility of a teacher is to ensure high academic achievement for all students. Explain how one skill or ability that you possess will help you ensure success as a teacher, and describe how you will apply this skill or ability to ensure high academic achievement for all your students.

High achievement is relative to the student.  It depends on their base starting academic level and their aptitude to learn and their desire to learn.  So, moving a child from lacking the desire to learn to wanting to learn is a high achievement or moving a child with low academic base to within the academic parameters and challenging the high achiever to be even better are all elements of helping students be a high achiever.
I do have skills and abilities I believe will be successful helping all levels of students reach even higher academic achievements, but the first and most important impression the children should feel from me is love, compassion and caring.   With love and acceptance, the bond of trust starts to develop. 
My next sense is to get a good feeling for each child, who they are, where they are from, what are they like, and build a sense of how best to approach each child in the learning environment.  For example, children who have already had excellent success may not need much supervision, but they may need to increase their desire to be even better.  The child with low academic success, they may need the revelation of “I can”, this is done through helping them take small steps of success.  Other students may need just love and patience.  My goal as a teacher is not to push children academically but pull them and they themselves create the push thus the desire to learn even more.

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