Sunday, February 19, 2006

I go to prison to be free...

Dear President Bush,
Terror has already won! They have won because, each and every American is now treated as a potential criminal. I believe they have caused us to renig on the presumption of innocence until prove otherwise. As an American citizen, I whole heatedly want to help my fellow citizens not be victimized by these criminals, but more importantly, I want to catch these terrorist. My tolerance of this might be even greater if there was a sense of this being temporary and we then could return to our normal state of being free. However, this does not seem likely. I am saddened and disappointed not entirely based on this one issue, but it seems as though we have made it a practice to allow small groups of people change how the rest of us conduct ourselves, what rules we are to follow and how we are treated in our own country. It feels as though I have to be in prison in order to be free.

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