Sunday, April 16, 2006

Your right Versus Responsibility

What's your right, what's right and what's your responsibility.
I am finding today there seems to be a struggle between these three perceptions. It seems as though we are moving away from doing what is right and acknowledging our responsibility but doing what we have the right to do. We don't rely on our sense of what to do, but it seems like we are relying more and more on what's the law to either tell us what to do or to justify what we did do.
It is not my belief laws were created to be the standard, they were created to be a minimum standard of performance. Only ever to be used when and if someone did not do what was right or taken their due responsibility.
Your 'right' is to follow the law, what's right is to do what you would want them to do for you, your responsibility is to do what's right and help others do the same.
An example with regards to driving. When someone drives down a neighborhood street, there is a law which states the maximum speed limit is 25 miles per hour and it is their right to abide by this law. However, the neighborhood is riddled with young kids of all ages, a park and mothers pushing their kids in strollers. So what is right, should they go the maximum speed limit, or so what might be right, that is to slow their speed down to ensure the safety of the kids in the neighborhood? One could argue both, but when one thinks about having their kids out in the park, their front lawn, coming home from school, would you rather have the neighbor card traveling at the maximum speed they can or would you like to see them slow down to take your children into account and drive slower. Now, it's not being selfish, because every family that has children is appreciating your actions as much as the other.
What about what is your right, what's right and your responsibility with regards to raising your children?

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