Monday, November 24, 2008

Why Curse God

Do we really miss the mark that badly? In Genesis, after Adam and Eve ate the apple, God specifically states that life will now be hard for all humanity thereafter! In Job, we know, but Job does not know, that it is not God delivering the wrath, but it is Satan. I believe in a way, God stated, I never promised you a rose garden. 

Another view, God does not give us anything he does not believe we cannot handle. I would imagine, this is the same as any parent with their child, a coach with their pupil. We don't curse our parents, coaches, teachers for pushing us, we thank them. I know at the time we get angry, we get mad, we want to curse them, but we don't quit, we keep pushing on.  God is our life coach; He is not giving us anything we cannot handle. If we are feeling pushed, uncomfortable, beaten up, maybe it's because God believes in us and wants us to be the best we can, no difference between our parents, coaches, teachers. 

Be angry with God, but don't curse God, then say thank you and believe in God, ask for His wisdom an strength and guidance to help us work through the tough areas of our lives, he truly is our life coach

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