Monday, January 05, 2009

What is it about 3?

I often think of this, but to this date have not heard of anyone drawing a correlation between them. Christians already know the correlation between baptism and Jesus Christ. The other unique quality of water and Jesus Christ is they come in three forms. Water: liquid, solid, gas ( water, ice, steam), Jesus Christ: the Father, Son and Wholly Ghost. And how about the fact we are the 3rd planet from the sun, I find all of this interesting.


In our daily life, we use the number three as a way of measuring. Such as in baseball, 3 strikes and your out, in contests, we reward the top 3 finishers, in writing, it seems to illustrate a point, we have 3 reasons. Movies sequels often end after the 3rd one. In our daily life, we use three as the turning point, I have asked you three times, I warned you three times, this is the 3rd time. Traffic lights come in three colors.


I would imagine, if we looked harder, we could find many more instances of how we use three, I am interested to learn from you other examples and your feedback regarding our correlation with Water, God and Earth.

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