Friday, May 08, 2009

Announcing Baptism

I just looked at the date I wrote in my current Bible, NIV Life Application, it is December of 2006, I was very surprised, I thought it was more like 2007 when I started my quest to have an even better relationship with my Lord and savior Jesus Christ.


During the last two and half years, I have heard witnessed and read about many baptisms, during this time, I often felt like I should, but I did not feel right about it, I felt like I would be a fake if I did it during this time.


In the last month, I have grown considerably in my relationship with Jesus Christ, my understanding, my faith and most of all my Love for my Lord, Jesus Christ.


Now, my feeling is I am a fake if I am professing my Faith, Love and Devotion to Jesus Christ and I am not baptized; thus I feel God has authorized me to be baptized into the Holy Spirit.


I hope you will join me in spirit and/or presence this Sunday @ 9:30 AM in White Chapels Founder's Chapel for my Baptism by my friend and Pastor, Steven Bell.

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