Monday, May 04, 2009

The Bible as a Blue Print…

Aside from the fact the Bible is an account of the life, death and rebirth of Jesus Christ and with the promise of him dying for our sins and by believing in him, Jesus Christ, we will be saved and be taken to heaven. Wonderful, but I started my journey of faith on simple practical principals taught in the Bible. My faith grew as my belief in the truth grew. 

Firstly, I enjoy the reading the bible simply for pleasure. I enjoy the stories, the thought provoking analogies, and parables to stimulate thinking.  

Secondly, the insightfulness of the writing, the explanations, the use of words, the reason and logic are all done superbly and stimulate conversation and complex deep thinking. 

Thirdly, from the Ten Commandments forward, the concepts of how to have a happy, productive life caught me as being the truth and make sense.  It shows to me it makes perfect sense since not following it seems to have caused incredible hardship of all kinds around our world.

So purely from a practical standpoint, the Bible made sense to me, God's word lived in me from the beginning, it was just reading it and following it which was the challenge that took me 30 years. 

Our challenge has two elements today: Firstly, being willing to follow and live life through Jesus Christ as pure as Jesus states in the Bible. Secondly, being able to survive in our culture today while living our life purely through Christ. 

I am a follower of the Bible, firstly because I belief in the principals about humanity the Bible teaches. I am a follower of the Bible because of the wisdom it preaches, I am a follower because of the logic it derives.  

I am a follower of God's word, because when I follow it, I am at most peace with myself and my life is more peaceful.  

How I was living my life and what I believed were clashing, the truth from God found harmony in my heart, but not pleasure in life. I have found I have to choose to only live one life, I have chose to live life in Jesus Christ's name, Amen.  

A book recommended to me named: Ishmael by my son, Ryan, does an excellent job in understanding how we got away from living the principals God offers in the Bible and explains how tough it is to be able to follow the words of Jesus
Christ. Here is a link to it on Ishmael at Amazon 

The challenge I find with my faith in Jesus Christ is I can be deemed as to faithful; but that seems hypocritical to me, does it to you? If what Jesus Christ states is true, and I personally believe it to be, the path into Heaven is very narrow and I don't believe the requirements mean, just get close or whatever you think or your friend thinks or what society thinks. I believe, Jesus Christ told us what the requirements are and I am not to be one to argue and most importantly, I want to pass through the pearly gates and meet Jesus Christ personally and I want all of you to join me.

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