Sunday, May 31, 2009

Born into it…

Imagine, when you were born, you believed the truth which was told to you. This truth was verified by the world around you, there was no reason to question it. But the truth was, you were actually born as the child of a POW, but you did not know it, the truth was hid from you as people before you and others that knew the truth, simply accepted there fait, they would never leave. Other's not just accepted their fate, but adopted this new life as their own. Figured out how to gain additional comforts, privileges.

As you grow, you are told there is a book which will lead you or anyone to a life of freedom, away from this camp. Amazed, you ask around. You here that some just thing it's a fairytale, others say it can't be proved, others don't want to give up their current life style to start all over, for they like what they have achieved in 'this world.'

After reading the book, you accept it as truth, you begin your journey to freedom, but there is no guarantee you will get to 'freedom' alive. The journey starts simple enough with a commitment to follow the directions in the book to the letter, to trust it, to have 100% faith in it, for you heard, if you do not trust it and have faith in it, failure is eminent. But in your journey, you find you are in the middle of nowhere, you have no bearings on where to go, what to do, but this book. In addition, in the journey, you encounter incredible dangers. You must travel across deep ravines, down steep waterfalls, swim in swift rivers filled with Alligators, Parana's and other dangerous obstacles. The days are incredibly hot, the nights super cold, food is scarce and abundant, pain is always and never. Some people stumble and fall to their death, some get hurt and cannot continue, some need your help, some turn around and go back.

To me, the gift Jesus Christ gave us, was the book which was a foolproof escape plan from our POW, but in the plan, he never said it was easy, simple, gentle, he simply states, understand the truth about this world and then, here is a path to rid yourself of this world to a new world, a freedom unbound by anything you can imagine.

My question is; are you willing, have you been willing, to go through the most treacherous jungles, encounter the most dangerous obstacles for freedom from your POW.

Would you agree: the desire for freedom, the quest for freedom; is freedom in itself.

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