Saturday, May 09, 2009

'I Think Therefore I Exist'

Stated by Rene Descartes. I don't know what caused me to reach into this line of thought - but I would like to add my two cents to this line of thinking. Firstly, I stated thinking, an intellectual exercise. My minimal understanding of Rene Descartes statement, is purely from an intellectual perspective, thus in my terms of applying this to other nouns of our universe, if something 'thinks' then it exists, thus those things that do not think, shall not exist.

As it applies to the living world, I would make the statement which allows the living to live and that which does not to remain, a statement which proves life to me is extenuated from the intellect, but overrides it which makes us humans, that is "I feel therefore I live"

I don't believe we can confirm whether buildings, rocks, even plants think, or even the animals of the world, I said prove. With regards to plants, we can visualize they feel pain in the sense if they are not taken care of, they die. There has even been inference a plant can wilt if the plant feels emotional abuse, but again, I don't believe we can prove this. Animals; again, I don't believe we can prove, but with great inference, they demonstrate they can feel. 

Let's separate thinking from other types. The assumption of thinking is 1) logic 2) there has to be a language to demonstrate, communicate logic. Feelings, no language, like laughter, a reaction and a common reaction. 

I have read, people who have fell into immense pain have never felt more alive in their entire life, not through ecstasy, but because the pain lit up almost every nerve of FEELING in their body. The same is for a positive experience. Someone skydives, goes down a river rapid, rock climbs, drives at 200 MPH or any event which rides the edge for them, their nerves light up and they FEEL more alive than they ever have before. 

I guess we cannot argue with Rene Descartes principal, but if we only exist, then we are no different than something that does not think, thus to be alive, we need to feel, thus if you feel, then you are alive. 

What is the one commandment Jesus Christ stated as being the most important, was it a commandment of intellect or a commandment of feeling or both? 

What was the commandment?

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  1. Anonymous4:35 PM

    By: Mary Schneider Johnson

    "Everything created exists, whether seen or unseen, living or non-living, a being capable of creative thought, expression and abilities or not. Even a thought or word or idea exists, whether or not it's based on truth, and those things are unseen.

    We take on faith, as Christians, that everything IS, because God spoke it into existance, but the unbelieving world grasps at ways to define and prove, which leads to the phrase, "I ... therefore I exist." Really? Was there truly any question in your mind that you exist? I think it's pride and unbelief that leads to such nonsensical questionings and philosophies; just my opinion."