Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Mysteries of the Bible…

I am inquisitive, are you? Wanting to know and understand what the Bible is telling us? The hidden meanings in the Bible are so numerous, the answers even less to those questions. Have you noticed in your quest to find information, the information you find is not much better than the question you had? In other words, after 2000 years of these words being in written form and over 500 years of the Bible being available in mass, those who spend their life studying the Bible so often don't have any better of a clue to the answer than you or I who may have just opened the Bible for the first time.

But then we are attacked and defended by inference, the one phrase used by those attacking and those defending is "it could have been…" In addition, both sides try to come to a complete conclusion based on the information in the Bible, but there is a huge assumption. THEY are basing their conclusion with the assumption they have been given all the information!!

To me if there is one thing God does not give and that is not all the information. When he created the world in Genesis, he just used his word, he did not tell us scientifically how, when he flooded the world, he did not tell us all the details, when he parted the sea, he did not tell us all he details, when he performed miracles he did not tell us all the details. Despite the Bible purposely not being detailed, the scholars try and make inference from a source which has not provided throughout its content enough details to make a concrete inference which is indisputable, except for one.

So, I ask especially the nay sayers, the people which try and use the Bible against itself, how are so arrogant to believe you have enough evidence to reach a conclusion against the word of God? Did not the parables need to be explained to you, did you not have to study to learn the meaning of versus from the Bible? If God created the heavens and the earth and yourself, how do you expect to understand the full implications of God's word, is this not another indication of trying to separate yourself from God, to place yourself equal with God, to try and bring others down with you.

You should at least have the humbleness to admit you may not have all the facts - and you cannot believe you do.

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