Monday, August 10, 2009

When we found each other.

I knew about religion and God since I was a kid. My parents did take us to church for a period of time, the challenge was, we were too young to sit through the traditional service, thus we may have eventually been a cause for them to stop. I understand with two young children, it is challenging to have them with me, they love to NOT sit still.

Have you ever wondered how your spirit connected to God? My experience came as Mother Teresa explained in an interview with Dan Rather, silence. When I was in my late youth and teens, my dad took us camping and backpacking. I found plenty of alone time, just sitting on a rock watching the stream, or looking over a lake or viewing a heavenly valley below. My mind was free to think without limit and this is when the word of God entered me.

I did not even realize the word of God had done so, but as I became even more familiar with the Bible, I found the thoughts I thought when alone matched the words and philosophies of the Bible.

But, it still took me over 30 years to finally build a solid relationship with Jesus Christ. Why, because those thoughts I had, the words of the Bible did not seem to fit in with what I was observing, being taught, I thought this was great philosophy, but had no place in the real world.

I admired those like Mother Teresa, Ghandi, The Pope who truly lived their lives so closely to their beliefs, I always wanted to be one, but I thought that was not for me. Thirty years later and not a lot of society success to show, but definitely a trail of unhappiness, I am praying I find the courage and strength to live the life I found once, found again and to be. All things are possible with God and if God is for us, who can be against us.

I pray.


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