Friday, October 09, 2009

I might be the cause…

After I wrote my piece about the effort and mind set one might need to have in order to be able to continually forgive someone or people who continually seem to make a conscious effort to hurt us.

I thought for a moment even if we see them as people who are hurt and they are simply striking out at us because of their own internal pain. But, what if we are the cause of their pain. Maybe we did something or even ourselves do something we may not even be aware of which causes this continuous striking out?

It seems, from my perspective, when we are being lashed out at, it is easy for us to become the 'victim'; but as I mentioned in my previous post, if we view their hurtful behavior as an indication of their own painful experiences within themselves, then it is easier for us to forgive them, approach them with love and take their 'punishment' with understanding.

In the same thought process, if "I" am the cause of their pain, it is my hope and prayer, they will also forgive me for the pain I may or am causing them.

So, here and now, I pray for your forgiveness as I pray and work towards forgiving you.

When I thought about this cycle; I have experienced this so many times in my marriages. It is the inability of one to forgive the other which causes the continual downward spiral to the death of the relationship. I am guilty of this…

In my next post, I am going to quote some thoughts from a book I just finished "The Reason for God"

Last thought here and I hope you'll throw in your opinion on the above and this too.

Faith is what starts our relationship with God, Love is what opens the door to eternal life and to love as Jesus Christ asks us to love, we have to learn to forgive.

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