Friday, November 13, 2009

A Rip-Roar Moment

Last night I was laying on the floor watching TV with my 5 year old son and my 4 year old daughter. My son came over and laid down on my back, but immediately got up because he said he was cold. His return was immediate, we have kid blankets readily available for these moments.

He again laid down on my back as he has done before. He usually props his head up by placing his chin in his hands propped up by his elbows which generally feel a tad uncomfortable.

I did not feel the needle like elbows in the center swell of my back, but thought he had gone to a cross arm approach. He had, and something else too. When I prompted the two of them to bed, Stefan did not object nor did he approve, he was quiet. Hmmm, I could not see him, so I shook my back some and still no answer. Leanna, I asked, can you check to see if Stefan's eyes are open, she confirmed they were closed and he appeared to be sleeping.

A warmth I think only a father can feel came over me. It was a wonderful feeling for him to want to be so close to me, it was a wonderful feeling he felt secure enough to fall asleep, it was a wonderful affectionate moment.

To try and save the moment, I did gently slide him off my back and gently placed him in bed with a kiss good night.

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