Monday, November 16, 2009

A visit with my mom …

A dream


The visit was wonderful, as it always is with my mom. I enjoy being around her, her personality is wonderful and she loves to get delighted about the simplest of things, life is not complex with her.


What made this visit with my mom is it was the first I have had with her in over 8 years and it was at her favorite place in her favorite car.


I love the wind in my face, especially on a day like today, the sun was high warning everything it touched and the wind was steady and calm with a cool crispness to it that did not provide a chill. As we toured the down town area with the top down on her pristine bright red MG Midget with chrome spoke wheels, I was awed by the sights and mentioned to my mom, "wow, this is a perfect down town area, everything you need is right here, so convenient to get too" As we pulled into the driveway of her Shelter Cove home, she said "that is what I have been trying to tell …"

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