Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Rediscovering Moral Values … Not going to happen!

If my memory serves me well, my grandma talked about how morals had gotten worse since she was a child.  My dad talked about the same of his generation in comparison to mine as I do to my kids.

I truly do not think this will ever happen, it's a truth I agree with; and I am not saying not to try, but from my understanding of society and combine this with what the Bible says, moral degradation is going to continue; what will change is what we think is acceptable.

Think about the sex, violence and language on TV.  Even me, in my short 48 years remember when you had to go to a 'R' rated movie to hear and see what is on now during family time TV! 

"We have" tried to reverse this for years, "we" have complained about it, yet; it is still getting more explicit isn't it?  Shoot, I was just thinking about a movie I was watching with my daughter, it was it had content on it you had to be 18 to see in my day!!!  Amazing.

As a Christian I am not a believer we can save the world, the Bible already tells us this; but I do believe we have the chance to save each other.  So as a Christian, do not rediscover our moral values; demonstrate them by who you are and the way you live.

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