Saturday, February 18, 2006

Who has the answers to life?

I believe the answers are already within us. It is our journey, our mission to discover what those answers are and then to trust them and to follow them. By doing so, we will live a more self-fulfilling life honest to ourselves. I believe life should be an adventure of self-discovery, not achievement.

I have always been a philosopher at heart, I have observed people, read so much about human behavior and society, and with all that been spiritual as well. Many of my thoughts over the years are not captured here and still not, they lie in a journal somewhere else,.

About a year ago, my life started to be turned upside down and that turmoil is still in play today, but not to the severity it was then. As adversity has set upon me over the years, in each case it caused me to be drawn closer to God.

Some of my challenge in life is that I am trying to fulfill a purpose I THINK GOD wants me to fulfill, during my current spiritual revelation, I have learned that I have always felt that purpose was our reason for living and each of us was to fulfill a purpose and it was for us to find that purpose, thus made life relevant.

I have since changed this belief so much so that now I believe: We can live our entire lives and never know what our purpose was and that is ok and in fact, in most cases, I think Christians should be in fact living out their lives in this way. Why, because GOD does not have to reveal his plan for us, it is for us to trust in him. Thus, it is for us to be able to listen to GOD and for us to take faith in the guidance he gives us.

At this point, I would say, that life is about a relationship, your relationship with GOD. With what we do in life, we either strengthen that relationship or weaken it, thus doing the things which strengthen it are a tribute to our trust in GOD.

My final thought - knowing our purpose is an ego thing, ego does not live within a relationship with GOD, for it is not for us to ask GOD what his purpose for us is, remember what he said to JOB when JOB asked for an explanation to why he suffered so?

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