Monday, April 20, 2009

Amongst Us

I see Susan Boyle as a Pardox, the theme of our church Currently.  She seemed to me to present a gift, the same way Jesus Christ did...she/Jesus Christ was not what we expected, but delivered through what they said and did an incredible gift.  I am not say anything like Susan Boyle is equal to Jesus Christ, just that the gift she gave us was from an unlikely source.

Susan Boyle, a simple, but confident, independent person comes out to sing on Brittan's "You've got Talent.” At first, she did not radiate the qualities one might be looking for on this show, one might say she was frumpy, but she sure had personality, confidence and demonstrated she was very comfortable with herself. 

Therefore, what does she seem to represent to me? Firstly, hope. During this incredible trying time, our Nation, Nations all over the world are having challenges, but then out of nowhere comes this person and gives us a gift, not of just greatness, but a gift everyone that did not know her, did not expect. I would imagine it is easy to understand why not everyone followed Jesus in his day. He had the same type of humble beginning, but when he talked, it was then they knew he was a man from God.

Why such inspiration and tears when we here her sing. Well, I think she gives us hope because in her is purity, not just her voice, but her as a person, it reminds us and tells us that God did not forget us and he is among us, he delivered to us, a 47 year old women with a gift of hope and beauty that brings us to tears as an individual, as a people, as a nation. 

Thank you God for Susan Doyle!

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