Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Ego is like a bag of Potato Chips…

When I was home, growing up, I was always hungry. Every once in a while, we would have a bag of potato chips sitting around. I would dive into them and continue eating them by the handful, my mom would notice the intensity I was eating them and would say "Leland, you can't fill up on potato chips, eat something of substance." I did not understand, I was hungry and I liked potato chips and they were right in front of me, more importantly, eating them was easier and tastier than fixing something "nutritious"


I attribute our ego similar to the bag of potato chips, it seems endless in what our ego can consume. And it is easier to satisfy the ego, then feed the soul. But, If only we would prepare or look for something which would satisfy the thirst for fulfillment in our soul, our need for the ego might lessen.


As we should, fill our stomachs with good food, food which sustains us for the long term, we should also fill our souls with good food which sustains us for the long term.


In my observations, it seems as man pulls away from God, we try and fill the gap with the ego, a self-centered perspective.


Challenge yourself to move closer to God, to have a better relationship with Jesus Christ and see if those necessities derived of the ego, diminish.

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