Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Perfection is allusive, unattainable, but we experience it, see it every moment in every way, everyday!

Perfection seems to be perceived as a static state, not needing to be changed. Yet, perfection around us is always evolving. The flame of a fire, the sunset, sun rise, the waves of the ocean, the tree's in your backyard.

To some, we see things as perfect, we cannot see what "we" would change, but to the creator, there is always work to be done. Just ask any artist, author, musician, athlete.

To bring this personal, we as individuals are always evolving, changing, trying to improve in something in our lives. Yet, we continually cry out how imperfect we are, and we are overall, but like the oceans, sunsets and flame of the fire, we are perfect at this moment, being perfect is only when it is improved upon, by the creator.

Think about that.

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