Friday, June 26, 2009

Honor who first?

Question: Did we love and respect our Heavenly Father first, or did God display his love and respect for us first? If I am right, it is God who has constantly reached out his 'hand' to us and offered us his unconditional love and in doing so, we do the same back. We give God our respect, all our love, devotion, faith and obey him because of what he has given us. Despite our own failings, he continues to love us and what is incredible, he has not failed us once. All promises have been kept, he has never forsaken us.


So, then why don't the earthly fathers take the lesson from their Heavenly father, how does an earthly father expect to be loved and respected if they don't demonstrate it and show it. Remember, it is not enough to say you love and have faith, it is through our works that clearly show whether we believe this to be true.


I will gladly die for my father, will he gladly die for me? My sense is, he'll push me out in front of the bus and them blame me for doing something so stupid.




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