Monday, October 26, 2009

A Parents Manual

  • God created the world
  • I define my children's world by my beliefs, desires, attitudes, actions, behavior


  • God Created us in his image
  • I have children who are an image of me


  • God gave us rule to follow
  • I set rules for my kids


  • In the old testament, God Punished for breaking the rules
  • When I first started parenting, I did not tolerate rule breaking


  • God asked us to trust in him, to believe in him, to have faith in him
  • I tried to demand this from my kids, because I was the Father.


  • God realized rules and punishment were not keeping people from sinning.
  • My children rebelled against my demands and rules.


  • God wanted us to know he knew how we feel.
  • I shared with my children my challenges, frustrations, failures with my children


  • God put us first by demonstrating his love by demonstrating he knows/understands by sacrificing his only son.
  • I put my children first by showing empathy, sympathy, listening,


  • Jesus taught we were forgiven for our sins, but we must first admit we are sinners.
  • I show my children they will never be punished for doing something wrong.


  • We are to repent for our sins.
  • I help my children solve the problem and how not to repeat them in the future.


  • We trust God because he has never broken a promise.
  • I always try and follow through with a promise to my children


  • Jesus Christ taught us and demonstrated loving our heavenly Father, we learn to love ourselves and our neighbors
  • I have learned by showing unconditional love to my children, rules, laws, respect, trust and faith follow.


    When I think about what I was taught about parenting and my experience as a parent, I am amazed how my process was so similar to God's. I did not have to go through the rules, regulations, punishment, had I followed the teachings of the Bible, I would of known to start with Love.


    My mom told me; "kids don't come with an instruction manual"; yet for over 2000 years, God was teaching us how to be parent, because he is our Father and he set the example.

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