Friday, November 20, 2009

The 3rd Dream in one night...

A dream.


I pulled my 1968 MG Midget Orange Roadster into the parking lot. Over to my right, over my right shoulder sat another MG. This was a very special MG, it is my mom's. Amazing, it sat there so perfect, did not need a wash, it's Cherry Red color was glowing in the sunlight and the Chrome spoke wheels glimmered.


This was a very strange day, I had to get both MG's home some how and the worst part was I was running out of gas in my car, thus hoping my mom's car had some gas in it.


Ok, I am stumped, I know have to cars both very low on gas. I sat and wondered how am I going to get two MG's home with both so low on gas. I figured I was going to have to take one to get gas and somehow bring gas for the other one.


I reasoned I would use mine, the logic was I figured my car was less likely to overheat…

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