Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanks Giving and Christmas Together

It's been a long time and something in the back of my mind was not sure it would ever happen again, being able to share time with almost all my children.


For the past year, this has eluded me, but this weekend I received a gracious phone call from my children's mom. She was going out of town and our oldest daughter did not want to go, thus called me and asked me if my oldest daughter could stay with me and her two younger siblings. "Of course" I said with delight, cheer and astonishment in my voice.


What an joyful weekend! We played Wii, watched TV, went to the park, laughed, kidded and acted like a family and even more so, it felt like a family. You see it's been a while since we were all able to be together and these moments are something I started having to accept that might not happen again any time soon.


I witnessed a wonderful relationship between her two younger siblings, As my oldest was sitting watching TV, I saw my son go and sit down next to her and lean on her an outward sign of affection and Samantha accepted this so graciously.


They played competitively on numerous Wii games and there was no sad faces, fighting or fits of things being unfair - well a time or two, but it usually was the younger ones just not getting there way. Can't be perfect.


The love and respect they have for their older sister was remarkable, the love and respect she showed for her two younger siblings was beyond what one might expect - especially from a teenager! ;) No offense Samantha :)


This was a rip-roaring weekend because I not only was able to participate and enhance my relationship with my children, I was able to witness the incredible relationship these three children had between them and most wonderfully, I was able to participate in it.


Thanks for giving us this opportunity, I have so much more to give thanks for and it was like Christmas came early, it was the best gift!!



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