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3rd Response to Honor Your Parents

I have to prerequisite this reply with this information. David is a friend from HS, who would of know we would reunite here, only God knows. Dave it's good to be in touch with you again and look forward to more conversations.
Hi Lee! The issue of parental authority is one of law, and has been from the beginning. The role of Father in the family has been under attack from the beginning, as well. The question of "who's your daddy?" certainly applies here. The fact is, we've all been led astray by forces working against the family and through structures that have been built up in the imagination of fallen men, and not of God.
Each of the respondents below referred to context as being critical, and this is quite true. The context of Honoring one's father and mother comes from Deut 5:16. The context has to do with remaining on the land that the Father in heaven was going to give to Abraham. The object of the promise is freedom, and dominion, and authority.....liberty.....the right to do as one pleases, without the hindrance of ill-advised contracts which subject oneself to foreign governments and their gods. God wants mankind to be free souls under Him, not subjects of a foreign god. Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
The ignorance of the law of the Father has brought the role of the Father into disrepute, and has caused the near annihilation of the family. Patrimonial rights have been surrendered from the very moments following the birth of our children. Find me a "minister" who can justify the process of Novation. That is, the process of signing over the authority of the role of Father to the State in the moments following the child's birth. We have all been warned that Satan waits at the womb! You lost your parental rights when you ignorantly signed them over to the State. The State maintains a record of that forfeiture in their database. They gave you a copy of the Contract you signed. It's called a Birth certificate. It is the first cord in a three-fold cord which is used to bind a child to the State from cradle to grave.
The Bible teaches us to Call no man on earth Father. This has nothing to do with Catholic priests, but everything to do with calling someone other than your bio-dad a father. You and I went to public school. We learned all about our Founding Fathers. These are the gods of this country. These are the ones that God said we are not to call father.
When Moses was born his mother sent the tiny tot down the river, just as you did with your own children. And, the daughter of Pharoah received the baby of the Hebrew woman and called for her, and told her to take the baby home and give it suck and when it was of age, she would take it back. Can you see the parallel between surrendering your child to the State at birth, and then taking it home and raising it up until it's 18, and then sending them off to be ruled by the State? It's no wonder that children are disobedient to the parents, instinctively they know they've been sold out...sent down the river!
There is a second cord that binds a child to the servitude of the State, rather than the Father, and that is the process called Tutor. That's where I met you. We both had parents that participated in that sin. Tutor is "free" public education. The third cord that completely binds a child into servitude for life is called Corban. You can read about that at Mark 7:11. It is the exact same system today, as it was 2000 years ago. Today we refer to it as Social Security, and everyone has their SSN. Almost all the countries of the world have their own version of Social Security, and those that do not are presently at war with the USA. Those are countries which still maintained the role of the Father. By the way, in Canada, their program of Social Security is called Social Insurance. They quite candidly abbreviate their program as such, SIN. Gotta love the Canadians for their disclosure.
The Bible warns us about this three-fold cord which is not easily broken in Proverbs. Now you know what the process is to accomplish that object, and the goal is to destroy the role of Father, family, and freedom.
Yes, we must obey God rather than men, so why does anyone have a Social Security number? Why do they "vote" in an indirect democracy for men that call themselves Father, in a system with centralized top-down authoritative style government, who by design and stealth take children away from their families, and send them off to war, who have a central bank, and who plunder to poor, the widow, and the fatherless? Moses stood against such practices and would've body slammed everyone of the Founding Fathers for creating such a debauched system. The Prophet Samuel railed against such a corrupt system, and God told him that if the people wanted such a system it was because they had Rejected God, not Samuel. God told Samuel to go ahead and let them have their way, and that they would pay a heavy price for their disobedience. Such governments were abhorrent to Jesus, and he told His disciple, it shall not be so with you! He taught them to build a system of service from the bottom-up. The greatest amoung you shall be as the least, a servant of all.
Lee, if you want your children to be obedient to you, you need to be obedient to God. In order to do that you need to repent. Repent from the evil works that you and I were led into by those we trusted: our parents, teachers, government leaders, and "ministers". We need to chart a new course and follow Christ. In order to accomplish that you will need divest yourself of the platitudes of modern day Churchianity, and the sophistry of seminarians and translators. You need to roll up your sleeves and get busy learning what no one else ever taught you before today. The leaders in the "church" so-called, have been blinded by their own ignorance, and are the modern shephards who flee when the enemy approaches, because the flock is not their own.
A man's enemies are those of his own household, and of his own "church", and community, because they've all gone astray from the womb, speaking the lies they were taught by well-meaning, but nevertheless ignorant people. No man can serve two master's. And, those who try to walk in the camp of Saints and the world, will be torn asunder. The Church is not the State, and "ministers" alledgedly proclaiming Christ have NO authority under God to translate their congregations to the power and dominion of the State, which is what every single 501C3 "minister" does. These are State "churches", State organizations, and they are silenced in their abilithy to speak out against the corruptions of the State, which include the destruction of the family....from the moment of the creation of the union of man and woman. ALL 501C3 "ministers" perform ceremonies of marriage by the "Power and Authority vested in me by the State of __________". Your marriage License is on record with the State, is it not? Because of this your children, the fruit of your marriage, are also promised to the State. This is why the State can dictate how your children can be raised. They come into your home and dictate the care of their health, education, and welfare. You completed the necessary contracts to allow that to happen. Your trusted "minister", ought not to have been trusted.
These "ministers" of 501C3 "churches" have no business telling anyone to be obedient to God, for they are the greatest offenders of that statement of all men. These are the hypocrites of our day. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.
In the day that Christ was beginning His ministry, there was a blind man from birth who was made to see by Jesus. His family was called to give an answer as to how it was that their son was made to see. Their answer was quite illustrative. You can read about that in John 9. The point of that was that if anyone was professing that Jesus was the Christ, they were agreed to put that man or woman out of the synogogue. It's easy to see this incident as ex-communication, but, men forget that Isreal was a nation set apart by God. It was to be a "religious" example of how a nation was to live according to the dictates of God. When the leaders of the synogogue ex-communicated someone, they were actually expelling them from the benefits, privileges, and opportunities offered to them through the system of Health, Education, and Welfare they had set up in that nation. In fact, these people were being focibly ex-patriated. In the Greek Interlinear text of the NT, the word Father is often untranslated, from the Latin word Pater. It is where we get the words Patriate, ex-Patriate, and Patriotic. Are you a Patriot? Do you call upon the founding fathers of the nation, or upon the President to solve your troubles, or do you call upon Our Father which art in Heaven, whose name is hallowed? Who is your father?
There are MASSIVE problems in the modern "church", old friend. The slumber of the "ministers" has caused the destruction of the Father, the family, and the nation.
However, Christ Jesus has given us a way out, and that is through Him. You may also want to read Galatians 4.

I recommend the following sources for further information and guidance:

George Ricker Berry Greek Interlinear
Strongs Concordance
Vine's Expository Dictionary
In Caesar's Grip, by Peter Kershaw There is a specific article written addressing this very concern, Call no man Father

Blessings to you Lee! It's been too long!
Blessings to all those who have ears to hear, and eyes to see. The time is very short.
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