Monday, December 14, 2009

I am lucky…

During my time of severe tribulation, I was and continue to be a very luck person. For I have found God, Faith, Trust, Love and perseverance which has honed my character into someone God knew I could be.


I found God reaching out to me from places I did not expect and closed doors to places I thought were safe; but God directed me away from these places; for I was misled.


My tribulations are not yet over; and I am glad, because I do not yet feel sharpened; hardened; developed and full in my Love, Faith and Hope.


I am thankful for my circumstances because had they not in a sense been forced on me, I might never of known what God's plan for me was… at least not early enough to execute it.


A few short years ago I had accepted my life was over - not in physical death, but in my soul. I had figured this was as good as it was going to get and I resigned to let all my other aspirations die like the leaves on a tree and just blow away in the wind. These just were not personal aspirations; but aspirations for all parts of my life, I had resigned that my function was merely to go to work, produce a paycheck and shut up. My value to those I loved respect the most was none apart from my children, yet even this was being challenged.


I am thankful for all of this; because this trial has brought out the best in me, God has shown me strength I had hidden within me, Love beyond my own ability, forgiveness of the most sinful.


As I mentioned, I am not done, God is not finished with me yet. I feel like an athlete in training; one knows for the most part when they have reached their peak or overcome an obstacle which has kept them from moving forward, I have developed momentum and this I pray I keep.


And what a perfect time to be aware of God's grace and gifts, at the time of his birthday. My biggest gift I hope people will accept this Christmas is the acceptance of God into their lives; I pray this be the gift you receive.


God Bless and Happy Birthday Jesus,



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