Monday, April 12, 2010

Are you afraid of the Atheist?

Monday, April 12, 2010
12:37 PM

There seems to be a building concern about the movement of atheism, an assault on us Christians lately.  I would say it has grown to a point of fear, a fear to the point where I am seeing Christians thinking we need to defend ourselves, strike out, write nasty letters, feel like victimizing the person, or group trying to minimize Christianity.

I understand these feelings. Just last Sunday in Church I was shown a clip of a documentary demeaning religion and Christianity; it flared up in me without want, but I was mad at the person narrating the movie, I wanted to write him a letter, I angered he should have something horrible done to him AI felt.

The instant these feelings hit me, I stopped and wondered why, what do I have to worry about, who cares who believes him, is it really an assault on Christianity or Religion as a whole or me personally.  And even if it is, so what, is may desire to strike out because I am afraid he might be right, because others will think I am wrong, will I not have justification for my belief?

Christianity has become defensive; the movie "Davinci Code" came out and Angles and Demons.  Christians were outraged and even the Churches 'investigated the movies to see if there was anything offensive - but even if there was - so what, why are we so afraid. 

Shouldn't our faith be our faith?  And are we not already forewarned this would happen? 

The best way to respond is to not acknowledge and not to justify but to stand strong in our faith.  We do not have to justify our faith, faith is not logical this is why we are called on it to have it and thus rewarded for it. 

If you are afraid of Atheism it might be because you are afraid atheism might catch on and we will be outcasts, then what?  Again, we were forewarned of this and my prayer is you have had your faith tested and your character strengthened so when the time comes when our faith is put at the will of the guillotine, we use these moments to demonstrate our faith, not prove it.

Words don't prove faith, it's how we show it!

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