Monday, April 12, 2010

Looking for Rip-Roar Moments in your life

The definition of a rip-roar moment is when you recognize a unique moment in your life and take advantage of it and it becomes a great moment, a memory, in your life, rather than a moment you wished you could have back.  Would you share yours with us?

I am putting together a talk about how so many people miss these type of moments and how we can begin to capture them so when we look back instead of seeing moments we missed, we see the moments we had.

Some examples:
- Friend and I in college played racket ball at 1:30 in the morning.
- Stopping in the middle of my workout to listen to my son's issue.
- My son sharing his popsicle with me without me even asking.
- Taking the day off of work to see my daughter sing at her pre-school graduation.

Would you mind sending me some of your rip-roar moments, I would love to be able, which your permission to use them in my talk.

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