Friday, May 14, 2010

The Battle to Death

     The second scenario was when two people were battling it out face to face, the future of their lives ride on who wins.  If my enemy wins, then of course they take whatever I posses, if I win, I simply get to live my life in piece and harmony.  But instead of it being a fight to the finish and the stronger wins, my nemesis falls and puts himself into a vulnerable position.  All I have to do is not do anything and my enemy falls to his death, I win.  Yet, I have a few challenges with this action.  Firstly, I would not have won nobly, meaning I really did not beat my opponent, to me knowing I won because I was the 'better' more 'talented' is important.  Just as I am sure, a person who ends up winning the Gold on a technicality does not feel as noble as winning it straight out.  Secondly, this would give me the same feeling as not trying to save the person from the bus.  But the third part her is different, this situation has contemplation built in.  My enemy is not going to drop to his demise right now; maybe in a few moments, maybe in a little while, but I have time to think.  I think this was fair and this was his fate, accept it.  I also have the chance to consider this person is a child of God as I am a child of God, if my Father, Jesus Christ, was standing right there, would he say "let your brother drop, for he is evil and deservers it."  Or, would he say, "Save your brother for he is my child as you are.   "But Father, if I try and save my brother, I could easily slip and fall to my own death or my brother, who is evil, might use this as a way of saving himself and bringing my own demise." 

My decision is to try and save my enemy, God's son.  Why, even though it may cause me my own life.  One thought comes to mind Jesus Christ said.  Mt 10:39 Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. "

Because I am ok with my relationship with God, and because I trust in God, Love God with all my heart, soul, strength and mind, I don't have a problem putting my life in jeporady to save my brother, what my brother does depends on his relationship with God.  If he decides to take advantage of me and save himself and throw me to my death, I am ok, because I have already made my peace with God, Jesus Christ is my savior and my enemy will have to deal with God directly for his actions.  If my enemy decides to returnd the grace I have offered, that is not in my hands.  So my decision would reach out my hand and allow the other person the action they want to take, but by me not reaching out my hand, I have then decided the fate of my enemy for him, this is not what I believe is within my realm of being a servant to Jesus Christ.

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