Friday, May 14, 2010

The Bus of my dreams

I promised to answer respond to the dilemmas I posted a week ago or so ago.  The first dilemma was the event of an oncoming bus was about to hit and kill an emotional enemy of mine or yours.  Do I respond or how do I respond.

In the bus scenario, my relationship with the person would not matter, it would be automatic for me to do my best to elude the fate of the person in peril.  I would react without thinking, but with hope and prayer I could cause this person not to have their fate ended by this bus.  My concious would be the greater evil, my faith, belief and love of God would drive me to WANT to save this person, I don't believe the danger I would be putting myself into would come into mind, I would only be thinking about how I would feel if I did not do what I believed is the right thing to do.  So thinking would not occur; only my true inner nature.

If I saved this person, my reward would only be for doing the right thing and I would walk away feeling exactly that, I did what I had to do, which was the right thing.  No difference than stopping to help someone along side the rode.

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