Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Ethics, Morality, Love, Faith?

I was walking down the street and struck with this dilemma.  Coming across the street was someone who is causing my life pure misery, hell to be blunt.  I sigh, man just cannot get away from this person, it seems like they haunt me everywhere.  The sight of the person causes my heart rate to rise, a sizzle of intensity, just a plain dislike for this person to be named or be seen.  As I ponder these feelings and wish I had them not, I see a bus coming down the road.  As I gaze and follow it's path, I realize it is going to hit this person who emotionally I wish did not have to be in my presence, ever again. 

I quickly calculate the speed of the bus, the guess of the burst of my speed, voice and capability, can I move this person who I despise out of the way of the bus and yet not put myself in jeopardy.  Wouldn't that just be great, I end up in the hospital while they still are running around  free and causing harm to others and maybe   even laughing at my misfortune.  What do I do, what would you do?

It's another day, another battle with a sworn enemy.  The fight is very intense, challenging and maybe evenly matched.  My opponent struggles with me and in his release looses his balance and puts himself in a precarious position.  A position which seems to say "I won the fight"   But I did not win, it was an accident from the result of another action.  I did not pin him, force him to say uncle, regardless though, his mistake is my opportunity, isn't it.   As I evaluate my opponents position, I realize death is evident for him, he will slip from his precarious position, I want to walk away, knowing this person and their grief will never effect me again.  At the same time, I know if I reach out to help him, pull him to safety I will then put myself in a precarious position and be vulnerable to my enemy.  Meaning, my enemy could save himself while at the same time causing me to fall to my demise.  What do I do, what do you think you would do.

I will post my thoughts to these questions soon.

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