Friday, August 13, 2010

The Hill is Flat

In life, I learned from cycling, to approach the hill In the gear and at the rate I intend to go over the hill.  I found I can always develop momentum and gear up; but the strain on my legs, body and mind to gear down because the strength is not there or the pain is too much does not go away, it stays painful and tiresome the entire climb.

I have found it odd when I have been riding my road bike on a street which looks like it is going down hill; yet when I stop peddling, I slow down as I am going up hill, what is this optical illusion; terrible for optimism.

I have also found myself riding my road bike on streets which look up hill; yet my rate and pace steadily increase as if I were going down hill, love those lucky breaks.

 I found all hills appear flat when I simply focus on the few feet of pavement directly in front of me, then going over the hill takes care of itself.

I have also learned I can talk myself into pushing the pedal just once more, a lot of times in a row!

I have learned and need to keep learning how to apply what I've learned from cycling into my everyday life. 

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