Sunday, August 08, 2010

What is your Rhythm?

Rhythm of Life

How we pick our lives; the pace and what we do to me is no different than those of athletes.  Each athlete seems to find a sport, and event which fits there body, there personality.  And when they train, they train in  way which maximizes there potential.  Why is this obeservation of value; well to me picking what we do for our lives is just as important as an athlete picking the right sport and event. 

But it seems like many, many of us don't take this into consideration when we start our lives.  And this is reflected in the incredible increase in people stressing, needing drugs to sustain a pace, to calms themselves down, to wake themselves up.   And in all of this; it seems that there are some who are naturally able to constantly work at a high rate; yet there are many of us who are not designed to work at this incredibly high expected rate of work.

Think about it this way, if a sprinter spent his career trying to be a long distant runner, would they be as successful and would you guess it would be an incredible strain on them physically and mentally?  The same as a long distance runner trying to run the 100 M, how would it effect them.  And if they could not be successful, would we call them failures?

My point is, I believe we each have a unique rhythm, a rhythm which brings harmony to our lives; but so many of us are trying to run our lives at someone else's rhythm and pace, one our body and mind cannot sustain, thus the gradual break down of our physical and mental soundness.

Have you found your rhythm?
Are you stuck in a dance you cannot get out of, does your health and mental soundness have to digress before you change?
Are we teaching or telling your children, how important it is to find a life style which fits there personal rhythm?

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